How to Check if Your Dubsmash Account Is Compromised

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Feb 25, 2019
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Jan 16, 2024
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How To Check if You’re Impacted in the Dubsmash Data Breach

In most cases, a company will let users know if they’ve been breached. However, as of this post, Dubsmash did not notify users if their information was impacted. This means users are left to their own vices to discover if their information was part of the breach. To see if your information is part of any breach, not only Dubsmash, use the website In the original report, they state that the units are commonly found in Europe, with some in China and a Pharmaceutical company in Malaysia. One of the researchers, Noam Rotem said that the system could be accessed through any internet browser. Fortunately, the problem was rectified before any major damage occurred.

Resource Data Management said to tell their customers to change their passwords while they update their systems. However, it’s not required to change the password, although strongly recommended.

What To Do In Case of a Data Breach

It would be very rare to meet someone has never been affected by a data breach. Billions of people around the world have been included in a variety of lists for sale. However, it does not mean you are defenseless. The easiest way to protect yourself from a data breach is to change your password on not only the accounts affected but all of your accounts.

Hackers sell the information because it allows other hackers to credential stuff accounts. Credential stuffing is when a hacker will try a variety of usernames and password combinations until they unlock an account.

Of course, it is easy to prevent this by using a password manager and two-factor authentication. While no method will protect you fully, a password manager and two-factor authentication will make it much more difficult for a malicious party to gain access to your account.

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