Oracles of Truth Academy

SecureData helps homeless outreach program protect HIPAA/FERPA information

Oracles of Truth Academy

Oracles of Truth Academy (OTA) offers workforce and job placement services to Californians experiencing homelessness. Dr. Tammé Shinshuri, the founder, and her OTA navigators work tirelessly to lift people out of poverty and create new opportunities for those whose lives have been uprooted by economic hardships, mental health issues, and drug abuse.

The problem

Dr. Shinshuri required a secure way for her OTA staff to access HIPAA and FERPA data remotely, and a centralized system that she could use to maintain strict control over how, when, and where external USB drives were accessed. OTA programs require extensive screening of participants, including employment history, medical records, and information on drug addiction and treatment, among other sensitive and private data. Dr. Shinshuri chose SecureDrive BT and SecureUSB BT storage devices to keep the data of program participants protected in transit. She added a Remote Management console to enable custom access for each drive.


After doing some product research, Dr. Shinshuri contacted SecureData. She required the ability to maintain total control over the portable USB devices her staff members needed to do their jobs. SecureUSB BT and SecureDrive BT were the perfect solution for keeping sensitive data safe in transit. Our Remote Management Console was also a perfect fit, allowing her to set up individual privileges, wipe the drive, in case of loss or theft, and unlock or reset the drive remotely.

the results

SecureData’s SecureDrive and SecureUSB storage devices ensured OTA was in compliance with all federal data security regulations when program administrators needed access to sensitive participant data in the field and while working from home. SecureData’s award-winning storage devices, along with Remote Management, proved to be just the right tools that OTA staff needed to continue helping people transform their lives and communities.

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