Why Travellers Should Carry a USB Drive

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Oct 23, 2019
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Jan 16, 2024
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In 2018, there were 2.3 billion U.S. Domestic travellers and 1.4 billion international tourist arrivals. These travellers have something in common: they are all carrying data. Whether it is a laptop full of work documents or phone with albums of vacation photos, there is a large amount of data travelling around the globe.

A USB flash drive is a convenient solution for data storage on-the-go. It is sized to fit in suitcases and travel bags and can be a useful and even life-saving tool for travellers everywhere. Here are some of the essential reasons to carry a flash drive, and more specifically, a hardware encrypted SecureUSB drive.

Storing Vital Information for Business

When people are travelling for a company purpose, they will be expected to bring information on the growth of the business, employee records, and much more to share with coworkers and administrators. The last thing that you would want is to lose that data or allow unauthorized people to see confidential numbers. A SecureUSB can store up to 64GB worth of digital documents. With unique authentication methods, no one will be able to access the drive without the unique PIN for the KP model or the biometric/two-factor authentication on the BT model.

Protecting Emergency Records and Passports

Having your medical information and passport on a USB will ensure you have a digital copy of these necessary documents in the case that your physical copies are lost or stolen. If an accident that puts your health in danger happens when you are in an unfamiliar place, you can receive the proper help you need. Additionally, having a backup of your passport will allow you to return to your home country. These documents should be kept with you at all times, which is why the SecureUSB has a built-in keyring on the bottom of the drive.

Convenience and Security in Design

A USB flash drive is typically a small and portable sized device. It can be added to a keyring, packed in a suitcase, or stored in a carry-on without taking up extra space in your luggage. The SecureUSB is not only hardware encrypted but the parts are coated in epoxy and the device itself cannot be separated or reverse engineered. The SecureUSBs are also IP57 rated, making the USBs dust and water-resistant and able to withstand harsh travel conditions.

Photo Sharing

Wherever you visit, there is no doubt that you will want to take photos of your trip. Whether it be of your family members across town or an international landmark, if there is no photographic evidence, it didn’t happen. By uploading your photos from a camera or phone to a USB flash drive, you will save space and memory on your other devices. The SecureUSB is OS independent to work across all systems with a USB port. This makes it easy to share photos through the computer or simply plug it into a television for a slideshow presentation.

Running Your Own Web Browser

You can download a portable version of a web browser like Chrome of Firefox onto your USB drive to boot when you are using an unfamiliar computer. Using your own browsers ensures more security as there may be spyware and other dangerous programs running on public access computers. Our SecureUSB drives come preloaded with USB Antivirus protection so you can feel confident using your device in unfamiliar USB ports.

Having Safe Travels on More than a Plane

A USB flash drive is a convenient solution for travelling with digital information. The SecureUSB takes it another step further by pairing convenience with top-rated security. The devices are built with Military Grade AES256-bit XTS encryption and each model has unique authentication methods.

The KP model requires a unique PIN be entered on the on-board and wear-resistant keypad while the BT model can only be unlocked using an app on a mobile device. Both models have brute force anti-hacking technology that will wipe the device clean after 10 consecutive failed PIN entries or password attempts. This keeps unauthorized parties from accessing sensitive data if the USB is lost or stolen.

Additionally, the BT model is remote management ready with geo-and time-fencing to restrict drive access to predetermined times and places anywhere in the world. The SecureUSB is a portable and secure storage solution that keeps data safe no matter where life takes you.

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